Beta and beyond

Date posted: 11/04/2019

Time flies when you’re having fun – it may only feel like yesterday, but it has been five months since we launched our public Beta. Our platform has evolved considerably since then, and with more exciting updates and new features in the pipeline, we have officially launched!

A successful Beta

Our Beta has been a huge success, with small and large organisations signing up and actively collaborating to affect policy change. Examples include a campaign that calls for the availability of female hygiene products in workplaces, and the Federation of Small Businesses’ campaign to protect the availability of free ATMs throughout the UK. With more and more organisations signing up each day, we now have tens of active campaigns on the platform.

What we have learned

As with any Beta, the last few months for us have been about learning about our users, and improving our platform. We have already made several enhancements that make our product more user-friendly, and we’ve added features that make identifying and collaborating with other organisations easier than ever.

We have also been thinking not just about the current political landscape (as fun as it is), but also the future of policy-making, and how PolicyMogul can help shape it. We have several ideas for product developments, but if you’d like to see any additional features, feel free to Tweet us your ideas: @PolicyMogul.

It’s free!

Smaller organisations are often the ones most held back by time, money and expertise. We have introduced a free version of PolicyMogul that allows them and any other organisation to:

  • Streamline public affairs campaigns
  • Keep a log of all activities and contacts
  • Identify and collaborate with other organisations with shared objectives
  • Find and be found by relevant parliamentarians

We also offer our Mogul plan, aimed at organisations interested in a more robust solution to manage their public affairs and policy efforts. Features include a tailored parliamentary calendar showing only the most relevant events happening in Parliament.

Updates coming soon

Our platform is still in its early days and so you can expect to see regular interface lifts. Over the coming months, we’ll also be adding functionality to both of our plans. We are all ears and if you have any ideas or suggestions on what more we can do to help you influence policy, Tweet us: @PolicyMogul.

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